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The latest AICPA-released pass rates for the CPA Exam average just below 50% per section. This means you must be well prepared before taking the CPA test.

Duffy Test Prep, in New York City, helps students prepare for the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam through intensive CPA exam preparation classes designed to engage each student.  We offer up to 48 hours of intense review classes. Our instructors are the best in their field and extremely motivated to make sure you get the knowledge you need to successfully pass the CPA Exam. Our CPA Test Prep classes are geared to inspire and engage each student individually.

Student Engagement
Most CPA test prep programs use a typical college-style lecture. Think back to those classes when your professor just droned on and on, leaving you bored and wishing you were anywhere else.  Duffy Test Prep instructors use a different approach geared to facilitate learning, ensuring student engagement by including them in great discussions.  You will gain a high level of comprehension so you are fully prepared to handle whatever questions comes your way on the CPA Exam.
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Our program covers all four parts of the CPA Exam:
   •  Auditing & Attestation
   •  Financial Accounting & Reporting
   •  Regulations
   •  Business Environment & Concepts

Pass Guarantee
Duffy Test Prep guarantees the success of our program and stands by our students. In the unlikely event that you fail a section of the CPA exam Duffy Test Prep will allow you to retake that course at no additional charge. In order to qualify, you must complete all required assignments and provide proof of the failed exam.

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